Brand and strategy

Working at Europe‘s most valuable telecommunications brand

Life is for sharing. That is at once our slogan and our aim. It gets right to the heart of Deutsche Telekom’s brand promise. In combination with the distinctive "T," with our magenta brand color and with our catchy jingle, it provides orientation in a digital world that is becoming ever more complex.

We give our customers access to the great many and diverse opportunities this world provides. We accompany our customers, as a trustworthy partner – and ensure that no one gets left behind. That is what the Deutsche Telekom brand stands for. In Germany, our home market, and in about 50 countries around the world.

What connects all Telekom employee’s worldwide is that we shape the digital world to bring people closer together. This is our joint goal and vision.

This claim is also expressed in our corporate culture and our purpose, because „We won’t stop until everyone is connected.”

More information and guidelines on our brand strategy can be found on:

The strategy in plain language

CEO Timotheus Höttges: "We want to become the leading digital Telco." Further information can be found here.

The "T" brand

The essence of the DeutscheTelekom brand, its slogan "Life is for sharing" is in equal measure its brand promise to customers. Based on a simple concept, this promise embodies the corporate vision behind the brand: Life consists of a number of major and minor personal events that people want to share with one another because they make life exciting. And Telekom offers the products and services that can make this happen. Customers should be given easy access to these worlds of experience in every possible way – via the telephone, Internet, Internet TV or cloud services. As a telecommunications provider, it is Telekom's goal to enable this by providing the best possible communications and IT services. Meaning Telekom customers can enjoy the "life is for sharing" experience anytime, anywhere. More information about the "T" brand is available here.

Our culture

Diversity is the current that runs through everything we do and is the enabler of outstanding performance. Click here to find out what makes our work so special. Here you can find out more about our Company Values – the 6 Guiding Principles of Deutsche Telekom.