HR Service

HR helps! Your contact for personal matters:

The HR customer service can advise you on payment, family benefits and employment relationships.

The service can be reached by phone (0800 - 330 5600) Monday till Friday from 7:30 to 16. You can reach us from abroad at +49 6151 58 19738. Our fax number is 0800 330 2505.

Use the chat function to get fast, confidential advice that you can call up again in your chat log at any time.

To make sure we can assist you as quickly as possible, please have the following information ready, or make sure to include it in a letter:

  • Your personnel number
  • Your complete name and telephone number where you can be reached
  • In case of follow-up questions/answers regarding existing orders, please always state your ticket number

Annual leave

You receive your full annual leave entitlement six months after commencing employment. For information on carrying unused days over to the next calendar year please refer to the applicable collective agreement or, if you are not covered by collective agreements, the Group Works Agreement on the Conditions of Employment for Salaried Employees outside the Collective Agreement.

Calling in sick

If you fall ill and are unable to work, you must notify your direct superior or a person nominated by him/her (such as the administrative office) no later than the start of the first missed shift or the start of your regular working hours. This can be done in writing, by telephone, or through another person. Please give details of how long you are likely to be off work. 

Without being requested to do so, from the fourth sick day you must submit a doctor's certificate and ensure that any subsequent certificates are submitted on time should you be sick for a longer period. In special cases, the employer may demand that you submit a doctor’s certificate from the first day of your illness. 

If you fall ill while on vacation, you should notify your employer on the first day of the illness and obtain a doctor's certificate covering you from the first day. If not, approved annual leave days cannot be re-credited.

Change in your personal circumstances

Moving to another town or city? Has your marital status changed? Having a baby? You need to notify your employer and provide relevant evidence (certificates).

Sideline/secondary employment

Sideline/secondary employment is only permitted in accordance with collective agreement regulations and with the consent of your employer.

Capital accumulation benefits

Capital accumulation benefits are granted in accordance with the collectively agreed regulations.