Welcome on board Deutsche Telekom. We would like to introduce you to our security precautions.

mySecurity Base

The "mySecurity Base" is the most important online platform and the central channel for security activities within the Group. Here you will find the explanation and information on all security issues.
You are welcome to contact the functional mailbox moreā€¦

Group Security Policy

With the Group Security Policy, Deutsche Telekom sets binding standards for a high level of security and data protection in the Group. With this framework we create the basis for group-wide transparency in all security-relevant business processes. If we identify deficiencies and risks, this framework helps us to initiate efficient counter-measures. more...

Information Security

Information must be protected which means that information security must be ensured. There are four protection goals: Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Authenticity. These influence the degree of information security. If you want to know how to classify your information, you will find more information and tips on the information wheel portal. more...