Welcome to Germany

Your new start in Germany

In order to make the adjustment to your new life smoother, we have summarized the most important information you will need.

Welcome to Germany! – Onboarding Information for international colleagues

This brochure contains important initial information for new international colleagues in Germany, i.e., colleagues who have a non-German passport or who are currently moving to Germany.

The information will help you when arriving in Germany, requesting important documents from public authorities (such as applying for a visa, searching for accommodation, etc.) and finding your bearings in your new home country and at Deutsche Telekom in particular.

Business Culture Guide

Each culture has its own particular characteristics and you will of course also come across the cultural characteristics specific to Germany, your new home country.

The Business Culture Guide will provide you with some initial insights into what you can expect.

Further Business Culture Guides are available in the Telekom Social Network.

Living and working in Germany

This brochure provided by Germany’s Federal Employment Agency (“Bundesagentur für Arbeit”) contains in-depth information on German culture and on living and working in Germany.

The document will help you to find your bearings. It also includes the tips and experiences of people who have already got used to living and working in Germany.

Supporting international colleagues

Through the International Buddy Network, Deutsche Telekom employees offer support to new international colleagues on a voluntary and informal basis.

Buddies will help you with any issues that arise regarding your work at Deutsche Telekom, as well as with everyday practicalities like finding the nearest supermarket for example.

If you are interested in getting in touch with a Deutsche Telekom buddy, please send a short message including your new work location to HR-Internationalization@telekom.de. You will then receive contact details of potential buddies at your location who will look forward to hearing from you.

After your first day at work you will also be able to access the International Buddy Network on the in-house Telekom Social Network.

The Telekom Social Network

The Telekom Social Network is an in-house virtual platform designed to enable the exchange of knowledge and experience and to connect Deutsche Telekom employees.

Information on various topics which could be useful for your daily work is organized into groups (so-called places).

Here you will also find the International Employee Corner after your first day at Deutsche Telekom. This group (place) includes helpful information for (new) international colleagues in Germany and can also be used for sharing ideas and for discussions.

The International Community Newsletter

To keep you informed at all times of important topics for international employees and interesting events, the HR-Internationalization team is issuing the International Community Newsletter on a regular basis. The newsletter gives you an update of developments and events in the International community. You would like to subscribe to the newsletter or contribute with your ideas and experiences? Don’t hesitate to contact the HR-Internationalization team